What is
indoor skyding?

An indoor skydiving center, called wind tunnel, is composed of 4 big motors which recreate in the glass tube, a wind between 160 and 300km/h.
Lie down on the air, take off slowly, and fly! You will feel the same sensations as the ones you feel during a skydiving jump from an airplane at high altitude. 


The tube

4,6m diameter and 8,5m height.
Advanced technology.


Adapted to everyone

From 5 to 95 years old, flight for able-bodied and persons with reduced mobility.


1h30 for the total experience

First flight including a 20mn briefing, suit and helmet equipment, gestures repetitions, and instructor demonstration.


Sensations guaranteed

First flight with unique entry or with membership card.

How does
it  work?

Before the flight

Your flight, the D day!

  • Please arrive at least 1 hour before the time of your slot, and resgister at the front desk
  • Your instructor gives you your suit and your helmet
  • Listen to the 20mn video briefing to learn how to fly
  • You're ready! Meet at the airlock of the air chamber
  • When it is your turn, go to the tube's door, lie down on the air, and fly!

Enjoy, and smile, you're being filmed! 

After your flight

  • Your instructor debriefs your flight, and is at your disposal to exchange about your feelings.
  • Choose your favorite pictures if you have booked some.
  • Now you just have to start again if you want! 

Indoor skydiving is a real sport which progression is very fast when flying in groups . Above all, flying autonomously and with partners reduces the cost of flying. Indeed, the cost is divided by the number of persons who share the slot with you. Reduced cost for maximum pleasure! 

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