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Indoor skydiving is a real sport, which has been candidate to the Olympic Games!

You have the possibility to try many disciplines:

  • flat flight, called relative flight (VR), when you fly on your belly and you make figures while gripping your partners
  • artistic flight to fly in all positions, from head down to sit fly, and carving
  • speed, to realize the biggest amount of points in the minimum of time

progression packs

Whlle waiting for the implementation of our weekly clubs,, we offer 3 packs to allow you to become autonomous, and quickly share your time slot with other persons. Flying is good, but flying with others is even better!

Each pack includes a personalized briefing and debriefing, equipment loan, and flights videos.

Level 1

10mn of flight to learn how to belly fly: moving forward, moving backwards, turning, going up, going down.
Your instructor will teach you how to progress quickly, and how to fly alone.
The personalized debriefing allows to correct your positions, and progress even faster.  

Level 2

15mn of flight to learn how to belly fly and start to fly on your back: moving forward, moving backwards, turning, going up and down.
The back position is very important in the learning for being able to fly alone and safely. 

Level 3

30mn of flight to become completely autonomous, and fly both on the belly and the back.
This pack allows to start flying with someone else, learning how to adapt your speed and placement to each other. 


1 hour  ……………… 490

You already have at least 30mn of flight and you know how to fly alone.

Pre-sales valid from the 22nd of October to the opening of the center: 490 per hour, excluding coaching

Our coaches are at your disposal to improve your level in all disciplines. 


weekly clubs

Weekly lessons for children and adults, with different levels, will be soon organized. 

Don't hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of the opening of our classes!

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