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Discover the unique sensations of indoor skydiving  in our air chamber!

Our instructors will guide you and teach you how to fly, and how to progress quickly.

Accessible to all, from 5 years old. With your family, friends or colleagues, for a birthday ou just for fun... all opportunities are good to fly! 

Make sure to have at least 1h30 on site for: flight equipment, instructor's explanations and video on how the flight is done, repetitions of gestures, a minimum of 2 flights, and debriefing.

to everyone


No need to be a sportsperson to discover the joy of indoor skydiving! This activity has a lot of advantages: no weather constraint, no fear to get out of an airplane at 4000m of altitude, no waiting line or medical certificate needed. More than that, you can practice in total freedom since we provide you with the necessary equipment to fly.

Immerse yourself in this 1h30 experience, and follow the instructions of your coach to achieve a breathaking and enjoyable flight.

2 flights are equivalent to 2 skydives practiced from an airplaine.

Possibility to make 2, 4 or 6 flights.


From 5 to 12 years old

In total security and guided by the instructor, your kids will discover a whole new game starting at the age of 5: air! Sensations, pleasure, capacity to lead your body, psychomotor development, self-confidence, ... This activity carried out in a unique 3D environment allows children to lose their bearings, and is a powerful source of development and learning. 

2 and 4 flights available. 



Want to make someone happy? Windalps offers gift vouchers and gift boxes. 


You loved your first flight, and you've become addicted to the sensations you have felt.

Indoor skydiving is a real sport, with different disciplines.

More than the pleasure of flying, this activity has a lot of advantages: muscular tonus, self-confidence, concentration, adaptability and change of references due to the 3D environment, visualising, and community share. 



2 flights ……………… 64,90

4 flights ……………… 104


2 flights……………… 44

4 flights……………… 80


Fly Up : 9,90
The instructor takes you higher! Guaranteed sensations!
Photos & videos: 14,90
To have the pictures & videos of your first flights

Included in your flight:


Suit equipment



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