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fitness area

Yoga & aerial fitness

Gain height, change perspective, and discover yoga and fitness in a new light. We will welcome you in a dedicated 100m square area with view on the massif des Bauges.

Discover our weekly courses with our instructors who are experts in their disciplines. 

Our courses


Bungee dance

Combining dance, fitness, jumps and stretching, this activity is carried out in a harness, attached to the ceiling by a rubber band.

Fly Yoga

This class is practiced in a fabric hammock.

It develops muscular reinforcement, release, self-confidence, and it relieves back pains.

Kundalini Yoga

This variety of yoga combines dynamic and static postures, breathing technics and relaxation, meditation and mantras.


This class combines yoga, acrobatics, and thaï massage.

This consists in carrying out figures while carrying your partner.


This class allows muscle strengthening thanks to exercises to be carried out precisely, in perfect alignment, while taking care of your breathing.

How does
this area work?



In order to bring you maximum comfort, we voluntarily limit the number of places depending on the discipline. This allows you to carry out the exercises quietly, without being disturbed and in total security.


Can be booked in advanced in our website.


  • Single entry : 13€
  • Card of 10 entries : 110€
  • 3 month subscription : 150€
  • 1 month subscription : 550€
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