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Indoor skydiving is accessible to everyone starting from the age of 5 years old, and it doesn't require to be a renowned sportsperson.

The contraindications are:

  • pregnant women
  • persons who have consumed drugs or alcool before the flight
  • persons suffering or having suffered from shoulder dislocation

To ensure your progression and your safety, our team is composed of professional coaches who have all their state diploma.
An instructor will accompany you during the whole flight in order to guide you and to correct your position during your moves on the air.
A second instructor is at the simulator lever to adapt the air power to your morphology and height.

Our wind tunnel is one of the highest-performance machine in the world, to ensure you a safe and qualitative flight.

Indoor skydiving is a safe activity, free from material and weather constraints. 

We highly recommend you to come in comfortable clothes, and to wear sport shoes.

Before the flight, we will ask you to remove watch and jewels, and to tie your hair back.

In order to give the appropriate equipment (suit and helmet), and to explain how the session will take place, we ask you to arrive in our center at least one hour before the hour of your flight.

You have to plan 1h30 on our center, only for the flight.
This will allow your instructor to organize your flight, to equip you with suit and helmet, and to give you all the instructions to succeed your session.

The standard first session includes 2 flights of 1mn, which is equal to the length of a skydive jump from an airplane at 4000m height. 

After your session, you can choose one of our many activities on the center. You can also regain strength in our bar restaurant area. 

The inertia of the motor will generate a gradual decrease of the air flow, allowing you to go down slowly, accompanied by your instructor. 

Of course!
Indoor skydiving is open to everybody, and we have at heart to adapt our flights to all forms of handicap by adjusting flights methods.

We also have specific harnesses in order to help people in wheelchair to fly. Please contact us to explain your conditions, it will help us to organize an optimized experience.

Our changing rooms are equipped with code lockers, in which you can safely let your belongings and your valuable items.

For the persons who have glasses, we will give you over-glasses that will protect your glasses during the flight.

For those who have contact lenses, our glasses will largely protect you from the air flow.

Four motors situated on the sides of the building, create an air flow in a closed track, in order to recreate the same conditions as a skydive jump from an airplane.

For Windalps, we've chosen one of the best technologies of the world. Our flight chamber, in glass, is 8,5m height and 4,6m diameter. Everything is made to give you the impression to fly in the sky!

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