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Opening in spring


Want to relax after a busy day? Or need to recover from an intensive sport or flight session? Our well-being area will plunge you into a relaxing universe, with soft lights and relaxing music.

The 150m square area includes:

  • sauna (for 10 to 12 persons)
  • hammam (for 10 to 12 persons)
  • hot tub (for 10 persons)


Benefits of each equipment are abundant.

Hammam opens the pores of the skin and allows to remove impurities and bacterias. It clears the nasal passages, and allows immediate relaxation by eliminating tensions.

Sauna stimulates blood circulation and helps the cardiovascular system. It relaxes the muscles and reduces tensions, reduces stiffness, boosts the immune system, and helps to eliminate toxins.

Hot tub relieves stiffness and back pains. It improves blood circulation, and allows skin tissue toning.

How does
this area work?


The session lasts 1 hour and has to be booked in advance via our website.

Number of persons per session is limited to 15 persons in order to insure you a maximum comfort.

No equipment is on loan. You have to come with your bathing suit, towels and pair of flip-flops. 


Open all week, during the opening hours of the center.

It is possible to privatize the area for special events (bachelor party, birthday, ...). Please contact us for prices.

Accessible from 7 years old, for children accompanied by one adult. 


  • pregnancy
  • heart disease
  • hypertension
  • respiratory disease
  • skin conditions and open wounds
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